The Nightmare

What’s worse than getting a bad burger at McDonald’s? Try being the original man in the jungle and eating bad elephant meat for dinner. It’s been a long hunt for Tarzan, and everything got away from him.

But he doesn’t let that get him down. In fact, it gets him up, way up, into a tree. And from up there, he can see a whole tribe chowing down on elephant steak. He’s not too cool with cooked meat, but hey, it’s food, right?

Maybe. Tarzan swoops down from the tree, tosses a guy in the pot, and swipes some meat. Good. Then he eats it. Bad. If you live in a city, you’re cool with tree climbing tigers. If you live in the jungle, and you’re having a nightmare, you’re dinner.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, the man who created Tarzan, first published “The Nightmare” around 1919.

h. Raven

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