The Monkey’s Paw

Think only genies grant wishes? Think again. All over the world, we find legends, stories about things that don’t just go bump when it’s midnight, they knock you over, make you run screaming.

When Sergeant-Major Morris comes back from twenty one years in India, and makes a surprise visit, Mr. White is in front of a warm fireplace, losing a game of chess to his son. It’s a cold windy night in the English countryside, just right for telling scary tales about faraway places.

Sergeant-Major Morris shows the Whites a mummified monkey’s paw that grants wishes. But he tells them that the last guy who got three wishes used his last one to wish for death. Would you want a souvenir if someone told you that?

Mr. White not only wants it, he goes chasing after it when Sergeant-Major Morris throws the monkey’s paw into the fire. That’s when things go from family friendly to skin tingling terrifying.

“The Monkey’s Paw” is W.W. Jacobs’ most famous story and first appeared in the Harper’s Monthly magazine in 1902.

You can pick up a collection that includes this story at Amazon or for creepy listening, you can download it from Audible.

Favorite Line: “Hold it up in your right hand and wish aloud,” said the Sergeant-Major. “But I warn you of the consequences.”

h. Raven

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