The Mezzotint

What if a painting had a story to tell?

Mezzotint is “a method of engraving on copper or steel by burnishing or scraping away a uniformly roughened surface.” Thanks to my buddies at for that. And it looks something like this:

Williams is a buyer for a museum. Sounds pretty safe, right? Pretty dull. It is. Until he buys a mezzotint of a gothic mansion; when it gets dark, things happen in the painting.

First there’s something (someone?) crawling across the lawn toward the house.

Then there’s a window open in the house.

Then there’s a moldy looking skeleton thing that’s carrying something, and the thing in its arms looks too much like a baby.

Careful what you do, because some pictures tell tales.

The Mezzotint was first published in 1904 in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary.

You can pick up the collection of stories at Amazon, or download it from Audible.

Favorite line: “What was visible made the spectators profoundly thankful that they could see no more than a white dome-like forehead and a few straggling hairs.”

h. Raven

Raven’s Bookshelf


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