The Hound

What do you do when you and your friend are bored? I mean seriously bored—eyes glazed over, jaw slack, Xbox played out. When two best friends get a wicked attack of boring, they break out the shovels, climb over iron gates in the middle of the night, and start digging.

They get so good at it, they start their own museum in the basement, put their loot on shelves, and go out looking for more, ‘cause when you’re robbing graves, once is never enough. These two friends go looking for the ultimate thrill; but careful what you wish for.

H. P. Lovecraft wrote “The Hound” in 1922. It was first published in the February 1924 issue of Weird Tales magazine. Don’t read this one at night.

Favorite Line: “Seizing the green jade object, we gave a last glance at the bleached and cavern-eyed face of its owner, and closed up the grave as we found it.”

You can pick up a copy of the collection at Amazon.

For maximum creepiness, you can download the collection from Audible.

h. Raven

Raven’s Bookshelf


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