The City of Hell!

It’s around nineteen thirty something, and you’re a cop and you and your partner get a call and show up to find a mother sobbing and screaming because her only kid is dead. But you’re just one cop in a big city, so what can you do, except clean up the mess, right?

If you’re Officer Barnaby, you’re going to make the bad guy baby killers pay, and pay hard. When Barnaby, ‘flatfoot’ plainclothes copper quits the force, he finds three friends who take him up on his mission to clean up the city in a big way.

Cities grow down as well as up. Barnaby, Hallahan, Duane and Forsythe make their own police force on the down side of the city. When they nab the hoods, it’s straight to the City of Hell for them, and they have two choices: talk, or go down screaming.

Leslie T. White first published “The City of Hell!” in Black Mask, in October 1935.

You can pick up a collection that includes this story at Barnes and Noble, electronic or print.

Favorite Line: “Hallahan and Forsythe belonged to the same breed as Duane and Barnaby; born coppers, disillusioned, bitter, but patriotic to a losing cause—justice.”

h. Raven

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