Mr. Testator’s Visitations

Before you decide to borrow mom or dad’s furniture—you know—the kind of ‘borrowing’ that ends up with that chair (nobody was using it anyhow) buried under piles of clothes behind your door, you should read “Mr. Testator’s Visitations”.

When Mr. Testator decides to ‘borrow’ some furniture from someone else’s cellar, he finds out that the price for renting can be a whole lot higher than if he’d just gone out and bought some.

Took away two things from this one. Don’t steal furniture from other folks’ cellars, and don’t write at dead men’s desks.

Charles Dickens’ most famous ghost story is A Christmas Carol, but he liked ghosts, and he wrote about them a lot. This one was published in 1860 in a collection called The Uncommercial Traveler.

I couldn’t find a print version of this story that wasn’t a collectible, for like, four hundred bucks. Audible’s version is maximally creepy.

Favorite line: “Every article was blue and furry when brought into his rooms and he’d had, in a murderous and guilty sort of way, to polish it up while London slept.”

h. Raven

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