In A Far Country

This is Jack London’s version of cabin fever gone crazy. It’s about explorers lured up north (way, way up north) by arctic gold. Up there it’s almost twilight. That means it’s about to get dark for five months; maybe more. Two slackers stay behind in a cabin in the middle of what-am-I-doing-here.

They’ve got supplies, food, wood for the fire. At first, it’s all good.

Then it gets dark. No sun. Just them and the cold, and the frozen river.

It’s all downhill from there.

This was written way back in 1899, before they even had the internet. If you want a chilly story about what happens when you and your roommate are the only two human beings in the arctic night, this is it.

Favorite line: “This fear was the joint child of the great cold and the great silence, and was born in the darkness of December, when the sun dipped below the southern horizon for good.”

You can buy a collection of Jack London’s short stories that includes this one here.

If you like to listen to stories, you can download it here at Audible.

h. Raven

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