Dracula’s Guest

Here’s a tip about visiting foreign countries. If it’s getting to be night time, and you’re driving down the street, and your driver tells you that it’s a really, really bad idea to take a detour down a dark twisting little road, don’t do it.

Jonathan Harker, who’s in town for a visit to a Count that he doesn’t know too well, takes a little side trip. Snow starts falling, even though it was clear skies when he started down the little road. The snow turns in a hailstorm that forces him to hide in a giant white tomb in a seriously creepy graveyard.

Yep. Mr. Harker’s got troubles. Lightening is striking way too close; thunder’s rolling like Heaven’s fighting its own war, and the woman he’s sharing the tomb with, well, she’s not all that dead. Did I mention the wolves howling?

Bram Stoker originally included this short story as part of his most famous novel, Dracula. But his editor made him take it out. Dracula’s Guest was first published as a short story in 1914.

Favorite Line: The last sight that I remembered was a vague white moving mass, as if all the graves around me had sent out the phantoms of their sheeted dead, and they were closing in on me through the white cloudiness of the driving hail.

h. Raven

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