Blood Money

Sweet Mary’s an abandoned mine in Yuma, Arizona. Ford and Eugene are brothers. Deke and Sonny Navarres are cowboys. Rich Miller, who might not live to see his eighteenth birthday, is just a guy who’s mad at his ex-boss. After they hold up the Yuma Savings & Loan, they’re all outlaws.

An old-fashioned shoot-em-up Western, written by Elmore Leonard in 1953, Blood Money delivers action in hard quick hits. The bank robbers flee town and hole up in Sweet Mary. But a posse’s out to get them, out for blood. Four outlaws make it up to the old mining shack, but only one of them survives.

No. He doesn’t get to keep the money.

Favorite line: “No matter where you die, it’s the same distance to Hell.”

You can pick up the collection of short stories at Amazon, or you can download it from Audible.

What was your favorite line?

h. Raven

Raven’s Bookshelf


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