The Wulf and his Pack

For me, the night was always a time to look forward to. No combat training; no scrolls to read; no Guardians. For just a few hours, I could be me, Kayne; not Kayne, brother to the Alpha Wulf of our Pack, warrior in training. It was a time to hunt, run through shadows in moonlight, chase down good scents.

Now that I have Rafe, it’s different. Even with all that’s happened, when the night comes, Vaughn lets us go for walks with only Tynan for protection. I tried to argue that I could guard Rafe alone. No one defies or questions my brother in public. We were alone when I asked. Rafe was sleeping. My brother looked at me across the fire pit and said quietly, “You’re the Wulf. He’s your Pack. What if you’re wrong?”

After that, I stopped asking. Now, when I look out into the dark, it’s not the same anymore. The night—even full of the scent of prey—is dangerous. Vaughn is right. I’m the Wulf and Rafe is my Pack. This is all so new. I love Rafe enough to die for him, but what if that isn’t enough?

h. Raven

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~ by hravenstories on October 5, 2010.

One Response to “The Wulf and his Pack”

  1. Baby, oh baby, I love Kayne! I can’t wait to see him come into his own.

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