The Thirteen

We all have our price. The weak believe that they shall never sell themselves for anything so minor as worldly gain.

This is an old, outdated way of thinking. The new world I am building, a world where the conquered will bow before their conquerors, will demolish such antiquated ideas as virtue, honor, compassion. These are the tools of the weak, the unfortunate.

I shall build a world where any Dead Heart willing to serve my empire shall be given a key to such treasure, it lies beyond the imaginings of this world. I am now choosing the Thirteen, whose superhuman strength, born of an un-beating heart, will stand as the Thirteen Pillars of the new Empire, my Empire.

The Thirteen will not crush opposition, for that would show another weakness: mercy. They will annihilate any who stand against me, and be loyal to me for all time.

h. Raven

Raven’s Bookshelf


~ by hravenstories on September 29, 2010.

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