Dark Skies

Zazzi’s just a little guy. He sees things from the ground up . . .

The desert smells of dead things. The sand is dry, no water. Our fur dries in the heat, and we must spend nights in caves that have no fires.

At night, when the others sleep, I go to the mouth of the cave and look out. The stars are different in this world. They have different shapes. I want to know the stories of these strange star shapes, but my brothers are all worried about what they have done. I have done it too. If we are found, we will all die for it.

I lay down there, at the mouth of the cave, look up at the stars of this world, and I am afraid. My brothers know many things. But there is one thing they don’t know about me.

If I have the chance to do it without dying, I will leave them.

We are running under dark skies. We are doing a bad thing. A very bad thing.

h. Raven

Raven’s Bookshelf


~ by hravenstories on September 7, 2010.

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