Stealing Time

Being Alpha Wulf is about stealing time. There isn’t an hourglass with enough grains of sand for all the time I need in one day. When I can, when Kayne’s not near me, I go to the Great Scrolls, look for what I know I won’t find. Humans and Wulfs are the same like that, keep looking for something that’s not there.

Kayne’s the first in our line to grow up like he did, by my side. My father sent me to a Protector after he chose me to be Alpha. I was a little more than a pup. Next time I saw him, he was dying.

I was on Death Watch. I’d laid by his side for days. That night it was cold in the Haunt. Winter had come. My father woke me up. He was always short with words, spent them like they were gold coins. “The choice is yours,” he told me. “But if it were mine, I would choose Kayne. Do as Zagrail once did; keep him near you. Let him always know your scent.”

I don’t know if those were the last words he spoke, but they were the last ones I heard. After his death, I heard rumors about my older brothers rising against me. I did what I was bound by my honor to do as Alpha Wulf.

Kayne’s known my scent since he was a pup. I’ve never sent him away. I keep him near me all the time. I’m his world, his God; and he’s afraid of me.

If I knew a different way, I’d do it.

So I steal time, read scrolls from the Ones Before, and be what I can be to my brother and to the Pack.

h. Raven

Raven’s Bookshelf


~ by hravenstories on August 31, 2010.

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