Dark Paths and Secrets

Dark Paths, my new novel, is coming soon. I can’t give you previews because . . . well . . . I’d have some pretty mad Wulfs on my trail if I did. But here’s a little teaser . . .

Two weeks ago, Rafe’s mom got a flu shot at work. By last week she was snacking on steak right out of the freezer, and she was eyeing the neighbors’ cats and dogs like they were buffet servings on four legs. By this morning, when she was making his eggs, she wasn’t breathing anymore.

There’s a rumor of a zombie antidote, but can Rafe find it in time?

It’s a question that leads Rafe to get help from Vaughn, an assassin.

But when Vaughn agrees to help Rafe track down the antidote, a chilling truth comes to light. Vaughn is a Wulf, leader of his pack.

Rafe is steadily drawn into the dangerous Wulf world where he meets Kayne, Vaughn’s younger brother, assassin in training. Together they face the greatest danger of all: falling in love.

I managed to get hold of some journals. Your favorite characters from Dark Paths are going to tell their secrets, right here in the dark castle.

Today’s entry is from Kayne. . .

Cubs don’t like taking baths. Water makes our fur sticky, like a human getting in syrup. We need to bathe our first years, or we won’t shed, and we can overheat and die.

My brother wasn’t Alpha back then. We were what humans would call a royal family. The task of bathing me fell to Vaughn, because he was eldest and strongest. Even though I was just a cub, I had claws.

It didn’t matter how many times I clawed at him and drew blood, or how I snarled and tried to escape, he held me in the bath and rubbed water into me until the dead fur fell way.

One day, our bath in the rooms of our Alpha father the baths wouldn’t fill with water. We had to go to the public baths. Vaughn put me in the water, and I scratched and snarled, the way I always had.

Beside us, another club was doing the same to his brother. The Wulf, in his human form, was much bigger than his baby-cub brother. He clouted his brother’s head hard enough to make him bleed.

Vaughn got to his feet, lifted the elder Wulf off his feet and threw him across the bathing room. “You never hurt the ones who can’t defend themselves.”

He knelt beside my bath again, and rubbed my fur. I submitted quietly to the unpleasant feeling, even licked his hand.

My brother was already a warrior by then. It was the first time I saw his patience, and knew what I was seeing. Patience? Is that the right word? It might be love.

Whatever the word is, it wasn’t the last time I saw it.

h. Raven

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